Important Moments in LBJSC History

Since 1936, the Student Union, Student Center, LBJ Memorial Student Center, or LBJSC as it is called today has been a place for students to gather. A community. This 'yearbook' highlights some of the important events and milestones that have happened since 1936. 'Turn' the pages of this virtual yearbook to see the people, places and events throughout our history. 'Sign' the back of the yearbook by sharing a favorite memory or story of why the LBJ Student Center is your TXST home.

Senior Class: 1930's-1950's

1936 photo of Irma Lee Kornegay

1936 Irma Lee

1937 photo of norman clark

1937 Norman Clark

image of 1939 student union

1939 Union

image of USO Dancers from 1944

1944 USO Dance

image of Sayers Hall from 1945

1945 Sayers Hall

image of students handing the president a check for the student union

1947 Fundraising

a photo of Gertrude Bryan

1948 First Director

image of college dance from 1949

1949 Societies

photo of Richard Jones

1951 Richard Jones

two students sitting on a ledge

1954 Union

photo of student talking on old-fashioned phone

1957 The SUB

image of the student union council

1959 Living Room

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